financial planning

As a Financial Risk Manager — Certified by the Global Association of Risk Professionals, I offer personal financial planning consultations specializing in the following topics.

I create personalized short-term and long-term budgets for my clients based on their goals and anticipated personal and professional expenses. I tailor each budget to meet short-term (1-3 years), medium-term  (3-5 years), and long-term (5-10 years) financial goals, targeting at least 10% of monthly income towards saving, debt repayment, and investing goals.

Some clients want to build an emergency savings (1-3 average months of bills and miscellaneous expenses), other clients want to save for a house down payment, or a honeymoon in Bali. However small or large the savings goal is, I work closely with clients to develop a strategy and timeline to meet their goal timely.

Debt Repayment
Most Americans have mortgage debt, student loans, auto loans, and/or credit card debt. According to 2019 data from Experian, the average Gen Z (ages 18 to 23) has $9,593 in debt, and the average Millennial (ages 24 to 39) has $78,396 in debt. I instruct clients on how to pull their official credit report from the three major credit bureaus, dispute inaccurate information on credit reports, and negotiate debt repayment plans with original creditors and bill collectors. I also assist clients with paying down high-interest and high-balance credit cards, and discuss strategies for managing future debt and maintaining a healthy credit score.

Introduction to Investing
Utilizing investment concepts from Modern Portfolio Theory and financial risk management, I instruct clients on how to build diverse portfolios for their retirement and brokerage accounts to meet their medium-term and long-term investing goals. My investing style is to reduce risk and maximize return by introducing clients to a blend of passive, low-cost (expense ratios below 1%), and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).