A resume is arguably one of the most important documents that students and professionals possess. Resumes are reviewed by scholarship committees, colleges, and employers to evaluate achievements and award opportunities.

I offer personalized resume workshops and one-one-one career coaching sessions that enable clients to compete with their peers for coveted scholarships, college admissions, and jobs. I edit resumes based on previous academic and professional writing experience using key words and desired qualifications from targeted job ads.

Job Search, Practice Interviews, and Negotiation

When exploring new career options, the internet is full of advice. However, it sometimes doesn’t paint the full picture on how to break into a new industry or get the job you really want, not just a job that pays the bills. In consultations, I evaluate clients based on their career interests and previous academic and professional experience. I match clients with targeted jobs and form a strategy for applying to new roles and expanding their professional network. For clients ready to interview, I conduct practice interview, conduct target salary research and, create negotiation scripts for job offers.

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