Academic Tutoring

K-12 subjects such as Algebra I, Algebra II, English I, English II, biology, chemistry, Human Geography, and U.S. History are offered. Please inquire about other subjects not listed.

Course Planning and Selection

High school and college course planning is often confusing, especially if students are unsure of which classes will advance them towards their desired degree or career goals. Course planning and selection involves outlining students’ academic and career interests, then choosing rigorous courses that colleges, internships, and the targeted job market value.

Scholarship Research

Everyone says the money is out there, but it is often unclear where the money is or how to apply for it. Students will be evaluated whether they qualify for multiple need-based scholarships, merit scholarships, or both. Students may also be eligible and encouraged to apply to creative scholarships, service-based scholarships, or essay-required scholarships.

SAT Tutoring

Most college application pools are “holistic”, but that doesn’t mean SAT scores aren’t critical. SAT scores are major factors in determining scholarship eligibility and elite college admissions. Clients will review and practice SAT grammar, vocabulary, reading skills, and core math skills as outlined by College Board standards. All SAT tutoring utilizes Khan Academy modules to track and monitor progress.

High School Internships

Many high school students start their first jobs in the retail or restaurant industry (like me), unaware that paid internships and apprenticeships with small and large companies can start in high school. Opportunities for local and summer employment will be evaluated based on a student’s career interests and local industries hiring.

Volunteer Research

The importance of volunteerism is often overlooked by students applying to college, but it is one of the simplest and most rewarding ways to gain leadership experience. Colleges want to see students involved in their communities doing work they’re passionate about. Students will be asked about their past volunteer experience and will be matched with future opportunities based on their interests and availability of local opportunities.

Study and Organizational Skills

Studying means different things to different people. Some students prefer memorization, visuals, storytelling, or writing, just to name a few. For each student, I introduce various study methods based on individual learning styles. Study schedules, calendars, and other methods of timekeeping and organization ensure that students stay on track for success.

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